Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I'm Wearing


I'm getting a bit of a 'businesslike' vibe off my outfit today - must be the shirt and blazer combination.

I went shopping for my younger sister's birthday present this afternoon. She's generally pretty hard to buy for but today I found a perfect book for her:

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. It's written and illustrated by Tim Burton (of Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride fame), and is absolutely sweet and funny - if a little macabre...
I just think it is so cute!

I would also recommend checking out Tim Burton's website. It's like walking through an animated art gallery - so fun!

Comic Relief

How cute is this photoshop action that turns your picture into a comic?! I just love the detail on the plate and the edges of the tablecloth. Found here.
PS: check out the rest of my Project 365 photos on my flickr if you're interested - I'm uploading them in batches.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"What I'm Wearing"

What I'm wearing - Polyvore
Polyvore is so much fun! Excuse my while I play around... I know a lot of blogs that I read do a "What I Wore" or daily outfit post of some sort - maybe this is my version of that. This is what I am wearing at the moment. I had uni this morning, and had lunch with my friend after. Apart from that, I've been sitting around home doing a bit of course work, a bit of blog reading, a bit of nothing... A very relaxing afternoon. It's also raining and grey here, hence the boots and cardi.

Inspiration this Week

I've decided to try out a new project on this blog. The aim is to encourage myself to blog a bit more, as I've been pretty slack with the whole blogging thing. So every week (at least that's the plan...) I will be sharing what is inspiring me or catching my eye. So.... presenting: Inspiration This Week Part 1!

 Lovely, lovely photoshoot with Kirsten Dunst for Boy by Band of Outsiders. So beautiful and ethereal.


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