Blog Faves

(in no particular order)
this list is constantly evolving and updating. Also, check out my flickr favourites for more photography inspiration.

...and in the morning there were birds [photography]
Cheeky Kitchen [food]
The Bloggess [humour]
Creature Comforts [inspiration]
pop pop portraits [art]
They Draw & Cook [food/art] Maegan [fashion]
Pugly Pixel [photography/cute]
P.S. - I Made This... [DIY]
gary pepper vintage [fashion]
A Beautiful Mess [fashion/inspiration]
MiniToko [art/cute]
a thing for... [inspiration]
annette pehrsson [photography]
From Scratch [food]
Hyperbole and a Half [humour]
How About Orange [DIY]
Feaverish Photography [photography/inspiration]
Post Secret [inspiration/interesting]
Keep Designing [freebies]
The Oatmeal [humour]
The Dying Swans [inspiration]
Terribly Exciting [humour]
Yummy Lolly [freebies]
Simply Breakfast [food/photography]
seablanket [inspiration]
Kelsey Genna [fashion]
Cake Wrecks [food/humour]
the notebook doodles [art/cute]
Deerlings & Ghostthings [photography]
homework [DIY]


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